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I suppose if you are reading these lines or if something has brought you to this page. It’s because you have a project in mind, you already know something about me and surely you want to know something else.

So go ahead you are welcome.

Timeless design

My specialty as an interior designer are renovation and decoration projects, taking care of all the necessary phases and subcontracting, coordinating all the jobs and trades, with total involvement, mastering the design, installation and construction management.


I was born in 1974, within a working family, linked to the world of furniture and decoration. What I have taken from a very young age, in my free time and study vacations, to know all the processes of the family business, from sweeping the warehouse, helping with loading and unloading, to any other task, which, due to capacities, is assigned.

With what I soon learned two of the most important things in life, humility and know what it costs to earn money.

I also had the opportunity, accompanying my family, to attend the most prestigious furniture fairs, where the latest developments, the best designs, and the most innovative solutions were presented. A whole world of sensations, which opened the door for me to know my vocation.

Once I discovered this, and from the hand of my father, I also learned to take measurements of spaces, technical drawing, economic calculations and customer service. The latter, two of the most important things in my profession.

At the age of 18, in 1992, I began my studies as Interior Designer at IADE, where years later I obtained a diploma. Expression and graphic representation techniques course, at the School of Decorative Arts in Madrid.

Once I finished my studies, I became part of the staff of the family business, specializing in the development of kitchen furniture, comprehensive renovations of homes and commercial premises.

At present my professional life, in continuous development, is based on the realization of reform and decoration projects for individuals, as well as for government bodies and agencies, and in my specialty, kitchens, directing the study that bears my name Javier Guerrero Estudio Cocina.

Tradition and technology

Needs change over the years, and spaces have to adapt to these new needs as well.

A reform cannot become something traumatic, it must be a fluid process, with a single interlocutor from the acceptance of the budget to the delivery of the same, and all this, within the agreed deadline.

Tradition, craftsmanship and technology are my design canons.

Do you want to know more about me?

Phone Number: 681 216 340

Email: info@javierguerrerotrincado.es

Avd. Ricardo soriano 59, 29601 Marbella (Málaga)

For any other requirement or contracting.

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